Long time no review! Lately I’ve been wanting to branch out in trying out makeup from local and indie brands that I haven’t heard about before. I got tired of everyone buying the same mainstream makeup from Sephora and I wanted to try something new. I heard about Jouer Cosmetics  (based in Los Angeles) from a fellow beauty blogger ❤ and their Springtime In Paris palette definitely caught my eye!

Packaging: This palette is a light pink hard cover case with gold flakes of flower petals on the front. Too cute. On the back, list all the names of the shades. I wished the names of the shades were shown inside the palette instead of the back but that’s okay. This quality of this mirror is AWESOME and SOO CLEAR.

Value: 12 eyeshadows for $40, basically $3.33 for each eyeshadow. I bought this palette for $34 with 15% with the code, SEREIN15

Claims: Long-Wear. Paraben Free. Sulfate Free. Phthalate Free. Highly Pigmented. Crease Resistant. Dermatologist Tested. #WIN
Left to Right: Creme, Petal, Mauve, Aubergine

Creme: A warm matte creamy vanilla shade. It’s a good shade for highlight your brow bone but it’s not as pigmented unless you pack it on.

Petal: A cool matte ballet pink shade. Not my favorite shade. Again, not pigmented unless you pack it on.

Mauve: Cool matte mauve shade. A purpley-brown color that I can work with and it does look pretty when blended.

Aubergine: Cool matte deep eggpplant. Looks like Mauve but darker lol

Left to Right: True Gold, Camel, Midnight, Rouge

True Gold: A warm metallic gold shade. It looks soo beautiful in the palette but again, definitely gotta pack this on a couple of times or wet it with a setting spray for it to really pop.

Camel: A warm matte light brown shade. LOVE IT. Hands down, my favorite transition shade to use.

Midnight: A cool metallic blue shade. My first blue shade that I own so I’m pretty excited to use this one and see how it turns out.

Rouge: A warm metallic burgundy shade. UGH this color is soo beautiful and pigmented.

Left to Right: Cinammon, Ash Brown, Amethyst, Slate

Cinammon: A warm metallic chestnut shade. Super pigmented and I love the shimmers in it.

Ash Brown: A deep matte ash brown shade. I thought this was interesting. I never owned an ash brown eyeshadow before.

Amethyst: A warm satin purple shade. AGAIN, LOVE. Soo pretty and perfect for a spring time look if you want a lil pop of color on your eyes!

Slate: A cool matte graphite blue shade. Again, I thought this was interesting. It looks like Ash Brown to me but just darker.


My Overall Impression: I think it’s an okay palette for me. I don’t love it as much as my ABH Modern Renaissance Palette but it’s not a bad palette either. I bought this palette because I wanted to try to use more colorful eyeshadows that’s subtle. Some shades in here such as Creme and Petal aren’t as pigmented as I wished. Mauve and Aubergine + Ash Brown and Slate looks similar in color, it’s just that one looks darker than the other. They’re not bad shades but I wished they were more different. I love the metallic shades on here the most. The texture is easy to blend and the colors are beautiful. I just wished some color shades didn’t look similar to one another. Overall it’s not a bad palette, but an okay one.

Let me know in the comments if you tried anything from Jouer Cosmetics before or any other Indie brands that I should try out! ❤ xoxo



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