Heeeey guuurl heeey! This post is different than my normal makeup reviews but I just wanted to change it up a bit. I was in desperate need for a holder that looks visually appealing in my eyes instead of throwing my makeup brushes in cups and bags. I’m all about aesthetics and I was on a hunt for the perfect holder. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one that I like in stores to buy, but then I came across these shabby chic mason jars on Youtube and Pinterest and decided to DIY it!


What You’ll Need: 

I bought these items from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and Michael’s. But you can easily get these things from your local craft store that’ll cost under 20 bucks in total. But of course, you can change up the paint colors and flowers to your liking! Honestly this is really really simple that takes only 5 easy steps that anyone can do:

  1. Paint the mason jar.
  2. Sit it out and let it completely dry.
  3. Glue the start of the hemp rope with tacky glue and wrap it around the jar. Cut the rope off until you are pleased with how it looks and glue the end rope down.
  4. Place your paper blooms however you like on top of the rope and glue it down.
  5. Sand your mason jar carefully so you won’t rip off too much of the paint. Distressing your mason jar is optional if you want that rustic look!

And tah-duh! Pretty simple right? These shabby chic mason jars are just too cute and totally me. Not only are they adorable but they’re totally Instagram worthy 😉





  1. this is so gorgeous. i posted something on mason jars on my blog itself, please do give me feed back on it, im new to blogging, i’ll be glad if you can help me!


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